Product details
Multilayer Disordered Silver Nanonetwork,(MDSN)
MDSN is a whole new class of transparent conductive coatings on PET, glass or other transparent substrates for the touch panel industry and the information display sector in general. It is actually a multilayer structure with two stacks of optical thin films sandwiching an ultrathin (~10nm) silver network with disordered nanoscopic perforations. This unique structure promotes generation and interaction of surface plasmons on the silver network to enhance optical transmission and is meanwhile able to achieve very low resistivity.
We have developed, through extensive R&D efforts, a patent-protected process to mass produce MDSN films at large scales using our in-house production line.
MDSN cost savings
More competitive TCF pricing based on:MDSN
Lower material cost than ITO, metal-mesh-type or nanowires
» -- no rare earth elements (indium, etc.) used
» -- 100× less silver feedstock material used than metal-mesh-type or nanowires
» Significant downstream TP processing cost savings based on: TP
Lower sheet resistance (< 20 ohm/sq.) than ITO, nanowires and polymers
-- silver-paste-free solution
-- fewer trace lines requiring fewer IC control cards
100%+ higher yield
» -- reduced TP malfunction probabilities thanks to higher TCF reliability
60%+ reduction in required laser etching power than ITO, nanowires and polymers
» -- increased laser throughput and lifetime
Weaker acidic etchant needed during photolithography than ITO, metal-mesh-type and nanowires
» -- less waste disposal cost and pollution
Comprehensive touch panel cost reduction up to 50%+!!!
Widely application