2016-04-06 00:00:00
CSEM: Choosing E-FLY products, because we believe their technology strength!

       CSEM, Centre Suisse d' Electronique et de Microtechnique (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology), founded in 1984, is a private applied research and development center specializing in micro- and nanotechnology, photovoltaics, system engineering, microelectronics and communications technologies.


       E-FLY have a friendly cooperative relationship with CSEM when E-FLY is founded . In 2015, MDSN(Multilayer Disordered Silver Nanonetwork)was produced by E-FLY.Its excellent performance was attracting CSEM. Recently,E-FLY received some orders from CSEM.It is a good beginning for us.


As time goes by, we believe E-FY will better and better.