2016-06-03 16:36:33
Touch Japan,Surprise World!
8th,April ,2016·Tokyo,Japan

Japan,which is famous for their electronic technology. How the new technology will be accepted?Maybe we can find the answer from evaluation of customers.
Hiromi Kurimoto, the HONDA Assistant Chief Engineer said:” There will be a Mobile Data Center in the future in car. It is important to product the better touch panel for the Motor Company. The low sheet resistance of E-FLY MDSN, which can improve product Sensitivity. It is a very good materials.”
Junya Sakemi,the Panasonic systems development center and engineering division:” The transmittance haze of E-FLY MDSN is more better than other materials.Its cost advantage is more obvious than Meter Mesh. ”
LG manager Jung-il YoonIn said:” this conversation, we have know something information about E-FLY MDSN, we believe it will be more advantages in the cost with E-FLY MDSN.”
with the communications of customers, we have deeper understandings of customer demand. While also let customer understandings  of MDSN ,like  Apple、Amazon、 AMTouch、Tomi、Koshida、Nanobit、Hitachi……
Cherry blossoms was blooming, the exhibition was ended successfully.