2016-05-05 00:00:00
The situation of Capacitive touch screen

The biggest character of capacitive touch panel is that everyone can use them without being taught or asking. They can attract a lot of consumers as long as they were put into markets. Capacitive touch panel’s being accepted widely means the computer age is coming. Capacitive touch screen is a transparent layer in the glass film. There are metallic aluminum inside, which can send commands to the computer to finish some actions.

It’s a process that capacitive touch screen were put into markets and known, accepted by people. They opened a new boom and also entered the dormant period. As technology becomes more and more stable, there are many choices in the market and users can basically be confirmed. Technology decides if companies can succeed during the market compete and it makes users choose capacitive touch panel more determined. A series of problems have been widely concerned, different treatment methods also have a certain impact. Capacitive touch screen guide the computer according to the current of fingers which send non polar electricity to the surrounding. Currently the market satisfaction of capacitive touch screen mobile phones has been greatly improved and it leads a new height of the problem. If latecomers want to improve the satisfaction again, they should not only update their technology, but also achieve the higher standards.

The transparency of capacitive touch screen plays the biggest advantage thanks to Apple’s hot selling. The threshold of capacitive touch screen is constantly reduced and then to a certain extent, it will trigger a large capacitive touch screen blowout. With the development of the social level, the price is no longer the main reason for it.