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BOE smart all-in-one U1 series: equipped with Yihui capacitive touch screen



Equipped with Yihui 65-inch MDSN® ultra-narrow bezel capacitive touch screen

BOE Smart All-in-One U1 Series

Very narrow bezel

Large screen-to-body ratio

The picture quality is clear and delicate

Writing is smooth and smooth, comparable to the touch of paper and pen

Can be used in meetings, paintings, and education

This time

Super narrow

Vision wider

The picture quality is clearer and more delicate


Physical image of 65-inch MDSN® ultra-narrow bezel capacitive touch product


The width of the bottom side frame is only 6.09mm, and the width of the left and right sides is only 5.65mm, realizing the ultra-narrow frame in the true sense, making the BOE smart all-in-one U1 series more beautiful and atmospheric, bringing the ultimate visual experience.

Yihui breaks through the constraints of the frame and innovatively proposes a new type of silver paste-free electrode cable structure and its preparation method (invention patent application number: 202010268557.9). Based on this preparation method, MDSN® conductive film is used to obtain the screen-to-body ratio The "ultra-narrow bezel and large-size capacitive touch function tablet" comparable to metal grids has brought new breakthroughs to the development of the enterprise smart screen and home smart screen market. This innovative technology uses metal coating in the wiring area instead of silver paste. Compared with the traditional process, it has the following obvious advantages:

There is no need to shrink the conductive film, print the silver paste, and bake the silver paste;

There is no need to design or use screens and screens for printing silver paste for different cases.Frame and film;

No silver paste required;

No need to add FPC or special design FPC;

The official launch of Yihui's ultra-narrow bezel innovative technology and products has solved the industry's pain points that nano-silver wires and ITO have not been able to provide ultra-narrow bezel products and metal grids are too low cost-effective. Based on the application of the MDSN® conductive film technology platform, it has achieved a breakthrough in the mass production of high-quality, low-cost large-size ultra-narrow bezel capacitive touch products, filling the gap at home and abroad.

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