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In December 2018, "a low resistance transparent conductive film and its preparation method" with patent No. zl201510639806. X of Huizhou Yihui photoelectric materials Co., Ltd. won the unanimous recognition of the selection committee and the 20th China Patent Excellence Award by virtue of strength, innovation and sensitivity to market changes


"China Patent Award" is the only government department award in China that specially rewards the invention and creation granted a patent. It is also the highest award issued by the Chinese government in the patent field. Its evaluation standard not only emphasizes the patent technology level and innovation height of the project, but also pays attention to its application in the process of market transformation. The award also represents the highest level of China's independent innovation, is recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and has a great influence in the world.


Yihui's own patented technology, patent No.: zl201510639806. X, "a low resistance transparent conductive film and its preparation method", which won the 20th China Excellence Award this time, was applied for in 2015, accepted, preliminarily reviewed, published, actually reviewed and authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China, and obtained an invention patent in 2017.

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