Product details

A new class of surface-textured transparent conductive glass(TCO glass)

E-Fly first series of technology innovation, i.e. next generation textured TCO glass products, are specifically designed for different types of thin film solar modules (silicon-based, CdTe, CIGS, Dye-sensitized, organic, perovskite, etc.). As a high-end core feed-stock material for thin film solar module production, the novel generation of textured TCO glass by E-Fly possesses clear performance advantages over other contemporary products not only in the overall transmittance but also in two other key parameters, i.e. haze and surface morphology.

1.    Our products have controllable haze values of 0~80% (better light trapping properties) to increase light absorption efficiencies.

2.    And our unprecedented U-shaped surface morphology is better suited to thin film deposition than the V-shaped morphologies of all other competitive products, which results in improved electrical performances of the solar modules.

The above advantages are capable of increasing energy conversion efficiencies of solar modules .Besides, our TCO glass may adopt tempered glass as substrates for various special market demands such as BIPV. Such advantages can lower the cost of thin film solar modules by over 20% and lower the cost of PV systems by over 10%, which will significantly reduce PV system costs to make PV power competitive to fossil fuels without government subsidies.

Product application: PV Power StationsPV Rooftop