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The new generation of intelligent devices form a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and carry out advertising through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, video and small plug-ins (weather, exchange rate, etc.).

The interactive digital signage equipped with Yihui MDSN®-based capacitive screen is antistatic and anti-infrared. It has passed 1000 hours of high temperature and high humidity (85℃+85%RH), anti-silver migration and aging tests. It is extremely reliable and Stability, whether outdoor or indoor, can bring customers a perfect experience.

Jiangxi Yihui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd


Building 1-4, Phase II Plant, Chancheng New Area, Chetou Avenue, Chetou Town, Anyuan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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