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Intelligent dimming film products (including liquid crystal dimming film, electrochromic dimming film, etc.) are a kind of optical properties.

(transmittance, haze, color, etc.) intelligent products that can be adjusted according to voltage, incident light and heat can be installed in building doors and windows, automobiles, aircraft and other product applications to achieve the purposes of heat insulation and privacy protection. The selection of transparent conductive film is an important factor affecting the development of intelligent dimming film market.

The excellent performance of Yihui MDSN® lies in its ultra-low surface resistance (less than 16ohm/sq), and it can prepare high-quality, low-surface roughness transparent conductive film on PC substrates that are not resistant to temperature. It is a PC substrate liquid crystal The best choice for dimming film and electrochromic light film, it can have the heat insulation effect of Low-E film at the same time.

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