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MDSN ® Transparent conductive film


Transparent conductive film is a kind of film material that can conduct electricity and behave as optically transparent. It is an extremely important optoelectronic material. It is widely used in touch screens (P-cap Touch Panel), smart windows (Smart Window), and automobiles. Transparent conductive film (Transparent Heater), electromagnetic shielding (EMI), antistatic coating, LED transparent display advertising and other fields.

Multilayer Disordered Silver Nanomesh (MDSN®) innovative technology is a new nano-scale manufacturing process produced by applying its own patented technology to the field of information display, which effectively utilizes the surface under the nano-scale The physical effect of plasma refraction to improve product performance. This process adopts a new low-cost method. It is a new and rapid rise in the field of large-size touch control following the three technical routes of tin-doped indium oxide (ITO), metal mesh (metal mesh) and silver nanowire (Silver Nanowire) The fourth new type of route.26350c8471f111014f80141adb4dc217.png


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