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MDSN ® Base surface screen




Number of Touch point 

10 point

Aspect Ratio


Input Device

Hand writing or capacitive pen

TOP PET film 


BTM PET film 

MDSN Film 


E-FLY MDSN® Base surface touch screen


The screen adopts  independently developed and produced by MDSN ® Transparent conductive film,

 The fitting of the base surface touch screen is also completed independently in Yihui's production workshop.

ompared with the ordinary flat screen, the curved screen is more in line with the structure of the human eye. The screen with radian enables people to obtain a better sensory experience, a wider perspective, a better display effect, and a stronger sense of presence of the overall picture!

However, good products often face higher challenges.

Due to the curvature of the curved screen itself, it has higher technical requirements, more difficult manufacturing process, more strict selection of conductive materials, and also needs both sensitive touch effect, which is undoubtedly more difficult. Yihui mdsn ® The basic surface touch screen can solve these problems well.

As one of the few domestic enterprises that can achieve curved screen, Yihui adopts the global original technology independently developed and the only new touch control material with two quality advantages of "nanotechnology" and "metal grid" - Laminated disordered nano silver mesh transparent conductive film (mdsn) ®)。 MDSN ® The transparent conductive film has passed the tests of high temperature and high humidity (85 ℃ + 85% RH), UV aging and silver migration resistance, which is highly reliable and stable.

The focus is on mdsn under certain conditions ® After tens of thousands of deflection tests, the performance of transparent conductive film remains stable, which is very suitable for application in curved surface touch products. At the same time, as one of the few high-tech enterprises at home and abroad that can independently produce transparent conductive film and touch screen products at the same time, Yihui can comprehensively and effectively control and optimize the overall manufacturing process from transparent conductive film to touch screen.

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